Wine By Joe

Joe Dobbes, owner and winemaker at Dobbes Family Estate, is a pretty laid-back guy, but he couldn’t be more serious about making really excellent wine. This bodes well for the world as we know it, because these dueling demeanors bring forth a true gem: Wine By Joe.

This is your go-to wine. Delicious, but never pretentious. A high-quality bottle at a no-nonsense price, meant to be shared with people who make you happy.

See, it’s smooth and “drinkable,” as they say. But it’s rich and complex, too. Wine By Joe, priced at less than 20 bucks, is as comfortable at a dinner party as it is on a Thursday evening in your backyard. And its consistency from bottle to bottle ensures you’re going to be happy every time you pour it.

Pinot noir
An excitingly complex and well-balanced Pinot Noir with gorgeous mouthwatering aromas of blackberry and a touch of leather. This wine slips into your mouth with juicy, lip-smacking flavors that mirror the aromas. It is balanced by vivacious acidity and a soft and velvety mouth feel, which wraps around your tongue to deliver the impression of sweetness from the soft ripe tannins.

Color – Dark enough to seduce you, and a bright eye to keep you interested
Aroma – Surprises and lures you in with a classic nose
Mouth Feel – Genuine, no pretenses here
Flavor – All those berries and cherries
Finish – Depending on your astrological sign, this wine lasts as long as you

Pinot gris
This wine leaps into your nasal cavities with sweet aromas of fresh cut pears, green apples, and hints of vanilla and cream. The light, clean flavors in the mouth encompass citrus and green apple, well-balanced by refreshing and flinty acidity for a perfect and lively finish with lingering hints of that citrus. A lively, crisp, fruity and perfect “solo” sipper that also marries well with food.

Color – Light gold … not to be confused with white gold … more like 18 karat gold
Aroma – Green Fuji apples from Oregon
Mouth Feel – Just enough life to wake you up
Flavor – Fresh and lively … spot-on varietal character
Finish – Long, clean, refreshing and enticing for another sip

Pinot blanc
This wine opens up with aromas of vanilla, pears, flint and apples. The medium-bodied mouth feel delivers rich and rewarding flavors of peach and citrus fruit balanced by refreshingly crisp talc-flinty acidity. A medium-bodied, rich, but crisp wine with text book Pinot Blanc nuances.

Color – Barely a tint of green, like an old faded VW beetle
Aroma – Like a crisp spring day
Mouth Feel – A teaser that cleanses the palate and then comes back for more
Flavor – Rich, clean, white flowers and lanolin; please don’t wash your clothes in it!
Finish – Long, clean, refreshing and enticing for another sip