Dobbes Family Estate

Every bottle of Dobbes Family Estate wine is a profound experience, revealing layers of romance, exquisite character and remarkable balance.

Here, Joe Dobbes distinguishes himself as a winemaking master.  It’s where craftsmanship sings through complexity for a result that arrives just where it should — always beautiful, always memorable, never overwhelming.

Derived from premier Oregon fruit, Dobbes Family Estate wine is undoubtedly our finest work and some of the very best wine the Pacific Northwest has to offer.

Cuvées: The Heart of Dobbes Family Estate
In our decades of making and tasting wine, we’ve learned that, from vintage-to-vintage, the best and most consistent Pinot Noirs are achieved through the blending of multiple vineyard lots. At the heart of Dobbes Family Estate are distinct and exquisite bottlings that showcase our winemaking talents while staying true to the vintage and varietal character of the fruit.

Our superlative cuvées can be characterized around three styles: elegant, opulent and age-worthy.

Grand Assemblage Cuvée — Great quality, top-tier offering of incredible value. An overture to the Dobbes Family Estate line of Pinot Noirs.
Skipper’s Cuvée — An elegant offering, smooth, with style and grace.
Patricia’s Cuvée — An opulent taste with sumptuous, luxurious and lavish characteristics.
Griffin’s Cuvée — An age-worthy offering with robust flavors, a bigger extract presence and powerful characteristics.

Single-Vineyard Designate Pinot Noirs
Having lived and worked in Burgundy, France, winemaker Joe Dobbes recognizes there are some exceptional vineyards that exhibit truly unique and expressive characteristics of the terroir in which they were grown.

As homage to these special sites and American Viticultural Areas (AVAs), we bottle limited quantities of amazing single-vineyard Pinot Noirs from three new and distinctive Willamette Valley AVAs.

Meyer Vineyard — Dundee Hills AVA. Amazingly unique, red-fruit qualities with vibrant-singing acidity and layers of complexity.
Quailhurst Estate Vineyard — From Parrot Mountain within Chehalem Mountain AVA. Sumptuous, silky, sexy and all about texture.
Symonette Vineyard — Eola-Amity Hills AVA. Characteristic Eola Hills black fruit, great structure and complexity from 30-year-old Pommard vines.
Youngberg Hill Vineyard — McMinnville AVA. Rich, intense black-fruit flavors, earthy spices and higher acids that provide structure and muscular qualities to the wines.