There’s a story in every sip, and it starts at the vineyard.

At Dobbes, we are passionate about letting the grapes speak. We aren’t in the business of bending nature to our will — that never turns out well. Our job is to bring forth the flavors, the textures, the colors and aromas that the fruit is eager to share with us. And in Oregon, we are blessed with some of the best fruit in the world.

Nature. From early spring until harvest, winemaker Joe Dobbes scrutinizes the vines, selecting the best sites and clones, as well as crop loads. His sole objective is to produce wines true to their varietal character with as much depth, elegance, opulence and balance of flavor possible.

In addition to our own vineyard, we have relationships with some of the best winegrowers in Oregon’s Willamette and Rogue valleys. Dobbes understands the important role terroir plays in the character development of wine, so he carefully selects all of our fruit from vineyards with differing elevations, soil types and clones. The ingredients, after all, are the most important factor in producing the most expressive Pinot Noirs.

Nurture. At harvest and crush, the fruit is fermented and barrel aged separately — essentially producing 23 single-vineyard Pinot Noirs, which Dobbes and his trusted team evaluate individually. Each Pinot Noir lot is then designated for our exquisite cuvées and single-vineyard offerings.

Artistry. Experience and passion come together in the craftsmanship of our superlative Pinot Noirs. Our single-vineyard designate Pinot Noirs are an expression of each vineyard’s unique terroir and a sensory journey for the palate. At the heart of the Joe Dobbes Collection are distinct cuvées which showcase our winemaking talents while staying true to vintage and varietal character.