Wine is about coming together

It’s about family, friends, ideas, conversation and sharing. At Dobbes Family Estate, we are committed to giving back to our community as it’s an integral part of who we are as individuals, and therefore, an integral part of our business.

Our Charitable Giving Program was developed to allow everyone on the Dobbes Team the opportunity to support a deserving cause near and dear to their heart. During that quarter, a wine is featured in the tasting room and online and 10 percent of its sales are donated to the chosen charity.


Why Lauren Barnes chose Randall Children’s Hospital, KITE:
I’m Lauren Barnes, Marketing Director at Dobbes Family Estate. It is my honor to select Randall Children’s Hospital KITE Clinic as the 4th quarter beneficiary of the Dobbes Charitable Giving Program.  The recipients from the proceeds of the 2012 Griffin’s Cuvée Pinot Noir are the children, teens and families who have triumphed over cancer who then often need extra help to be at their best afterward. At Randall Children’s Hospital, the KITE Clinic offers patients and their families a personalized plan and ongoing services to help manage long-term or chronic conditions related to cancer or its treatment. KITE stands for Knowledge and Inspiration After Treatment Ends, and that’s just what the pediatric specialists provide — Helping patients with their physical health, mental and emotional health, School and work.

When you look at these children, see their faces, hear their stories…it’s humbling. Thank you for helping provide the funding towards continued support of this incredible program. Seems odd to think that by buying bottles of 2012 Griffin’s Cuvée Pinot Noir we can help cancer survivors, but the services that the donation provides, helps fund this incredible program. Its such an easy way to make a valuable contribution towards the challenges these survivors endure in their cancer recovery. Please join me in raising your glass to KITE.

For more information on this worthwhile program, please visit: www.pediatric survivorship/KITE clinic

Organizations we are proud to have recently supported: